Spiralling electricity costs will continue – driven mostly by high costs of infrastructure and attempts to lower carbon emissions. To achieve an emissions reduction target of 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030, the government has set a Renewable Energy Target of 23 per cent. The cost of setting this target will be reflected in higher electricity costs for households, which will hurt families, and for business, which will cost jobs. Read more

National Security

Any government’s first priority is to protect its citizens. Terrorism and violent extremism is a growing threat worldwide and events in Australia have proved we are not immune. Lax border security and weak immigration character tests have left Australia vulnerable to home-grown security threats. New laws allow holders of dual citizenship to be stripped of their Australian citizenship if they plan or commit acts of terrorism or join foreign armies. Read more


A recent trend in the workforce over the past two years, in particular, has been the move toward casualisation. Rather than employing full-time workers, mining companies have preferred to engage employment contractors who then source workers. Employment contractors employ workers on a casual basis, rather than full-time. Read more


Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) work practices are the most vexed issues around the Bowen Basin in Central and North Queensland because mine jobs are being taken by people who live in Brisbane while the residents of mining communities can’t find a job. The Queensland Labor Party, in government, granted 100 per cent FIFO to Daunia and Caval Ridge mines in the Bowen Basin without consideration to the consequences in the event of a downturn. Read more

Sugar Industry Code of Conduct

The sugar code of ethics is largely supported by the Nationals but other parties say it is a restriction on free enterprise and the free market. However, the lack of a code and/or legislation to guarantee choice in marketing is a restraint on the free market itself. Read more

North Queensland Insurance

In 2015, the Liberal National Government set up a Northern Australia Insurance Premiums Taskforce to look at options for reducing home, contents and strata insurance premiums in Northern Australia. The final report was delivered in November 2015. Read more

Water Infrastructure

North Queensland has not seen significant water infrastructure construction since Joh Bjelke-Petersen was the Premier. The Liberal National Government has provided the funds needed to get several water projects moving in North Queensland. These include Urannah Dam, Hell’s Gate Dam, raising the Burdekin Falls Dam wall and upgrading the Burdekin-Haughton channel. Read more

Foreign Ownership

Australia has a long history of foreign investment and continues to need capital inflow for establishing and growing business and industry. But recent governments have allowed foreign purchases of assets that do not create new jobs or new business. These purchases are nothing more than a transfer of ownership offshore. Read more